Normally, I’d dismiss this aort of thing as sappy, or saccharine, or just basically nauseating romantic twaddle, but reading.boy. reminds me of the first year with her. If I were feeling melodramatic, I’d probably capitalize that H, Her. I mean, we were engaged and all, and when we split up, I was wrecked, but y’know, it’s been a couple of years.

Still, reading .boy. really took me back to the good parts of that relationship. Edinburgh in the snow and streetlights. First night in the new flat, chilled Baileys by candlelight. Curled up on the sofa as she watched Titanic and cried as it ended while I read a book. Those snapshot moments of relationship joy, the feelings that will hang forever. Visit the site, you’ll see what I mean.

General Update

Another week with next to no updates, and this time, I’ve got an excuse – I’ve only been in thsi job two weeks when I’m left running the tech department, as the senior chap runs away to New Zealand for a Funeral. All a bit tricky for me, as I blunder around a complex set of SQL table relationships, and strangely fragmented and disorganised bits of PHP, trying to make sure it all keeps working, and even improves in places. Meanwhile, various members of staff manage to break critical bits and bobs, and generally make sure that everything that can go wrong, does. So, been a bit busy. Still haven’t got on line with the Toy yet, either.

Meantime, antony has just redesigned his site, which looks nice, although I’m not sure about some of his font choices for headers.

Related to that, I’m still working on the redesign for this place. Got some initial layout ideas done, (which I’ve just realised won’t work for everything I want, bugger) but every idea I had for logos was clearly rather derivative. I thought I’d found a nice one, them I realised it looked quite a lot like antony’s old headers, which just goes to show that he’s a bastard for having the good ideas first. Do not trust this man. If you see him, run the other way.

Note for those confused: no, I haven’t forgotten to capitlaise the first letter of his name.


Shiny new toy! Unexpected windfall over the weekend, so I bought myself a Revo to celebrate. It’s a nice piece of kit, but doesn’t seem to have as much free software available for it as my Palm III. Sigh. If anyone knows of a site with any good freebies for the Revo, let me know, please.

Otherwise I’m stuck with the spectrum emulator.

Anyway, tonight’s project: Get on-line with the beastie, and see how looks.

Hunger Site

Once again, I get around to updating this as I’m about to leave work. Naturally, I’ve entirely failed to find anything interesting to blog today, because I’ve spent up to my elbows in computer bits, so today’s only link is to the site that you all should have sat as your homepage, The Hunger Site. There is no reason not to.

Channel Zero

Y’know, I feel really guilty about not updating this thing often enough. I ought to starting blogging items from news sources in an effort to appear up to date and well informed, or something.

Anyway, some instructions for you: Coming later this year, a re-released and remix Channel Zero book. You must own this. This is not exaggeration in any way. It’s one of the most important works of recent years, and one that you need to pay attention to. Go here for more information.