I woke up this morning and thought “Oh shit. This is going to be bad.” Because I didn’t have a hangover.

I was right. It was bad. It’s never good to have drunk so much that you can wake up after seven hours kip and still be drunk. Thankfully, by the time that the hangover arrived, I had managed to drink a load of water, and take a couple of asprin. That blunted the worst of it.

But I’ve been pondering giving up drinking for a while now. Seems like it might be a good idea. Going out would be less expensive, and I’d be less like to turn into a slurring eejit, barring some kind of concusion.

On the other hand, it means no more Jack and Ice, no more Bushmills, no more of my alcoholic smoothies, and so on. That would be bad. So I’ll just try and cut down. Mind you, I went out yesterday not intending to drink very much, and look what happened…

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