Apparently, song lyrics are Not Acceptable. Too easy, or something. But I’ve not really had much to say, the last couple of days, because, well, not a lot has been happening. Bits of me are turning interesting shades of purple and yellow, after getting knocked down. Spot of mild concern on Tuesday when I spent most of the day feeling nauseous, and therefore wondering if I’d knocked my head harder than I thought, but aside from a tendency to wince if I bang the wrong part of my body against something, I’m fine.

I’m getting irritated by having to wait for my new toy, though. The camera attatchement has arrived, but the rest of it? Of course not. Maybe tomorrow. Then I reall do have to start looking to a re-design. One that’ll handle photos as well. Yeah, then I can bore you with inane and dull pictures to go with the words. It also means I have to get non-blogger-powered version of this ready sooner.

Speaking of the words: A couple of people have asked what some of the unattributed quotes on this pages were from. They’re not from anything. They’re original creations, by me, generally things that leap into my head that demand to be set down quick. I stick them here because I have no idea what to do with them. If I use someone else’s words here, I’ll credit them, thanks.

Stormbreak, I found a spine for, and I’m currently writing up a proposal based on it.

Nightclubbing, I have no fucking clue.

Happy now? :)

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