1. Who’s the most amoral politician currently in the news?
Don’t know. Suspect it of being either Blair or Cameron, who are both willing to effective massive vote-grabbing change within their parties in order to run the country. This is lizardly crap – pick a platform, run on it, and if it’s the right one you’ll get elected, but vote chasing in a “leader” is contemptible crap.
2. What’s the first major political event you remember?
3. Fight or flight?
Neither. I don’t believe in running from problems or fights, but I’m a commited pacifist. Yes, this does present a potentially dangerous problem.
4. What’s the worst comic book => movie adaptation?
Not seen them all, but League of Extraordinary Gentlemen bears mention for having *nothing* to do with the source material.
5. Should Alan Moore get a bloody haircut?
Not unless he wants to. Beardy Hippes have rights too.


1. Admit it. Do you really want to be Christina Aguilera in Slimelight’s cages? ;)
I swear to god, I’m not thinking coherently enough to decide I want to be *anyone* at that point. :)
2. What’s your favourite subject to photograph?
Anything lit in blue neon.
3. Favourite spirit?
4. Ever been into a fight?
A couple of times. I’m really not at all proud of it. For one, I got a kcikcing as often as I gave one, and for two, see answer 3 to budgie_uk, above.
5. Do I really upset you when I call you Watson?
Upset, no. But it’s not the name I like my friends to call me. It’d be like me calling you Francesca (am I wrong in thinking you don’t like your full name?) the whole time.


1) How many marbles* can you fit in your mouth?
Don’t know. More than many people – I have quite a big mouth. Being me, if I attempted to test this, I’d probably choke, though, so I won’t.
2) Who would win in a three-way fight between stupidly overpowered Doc Manhattan, Superman or The Silver Surfer?
Dr Manhattan. Hard as the other two are, they’re bound by linear time, and a few of the laws of physics.
3) What is your favourite movie?
I have no idea. I really don’t. Possibly Pi.
4) If you could buy any piece of photographic equimpent (camera body / lens / lighting / etc), with cost not being an issue, what would it be?
Right now, I’d like a really good A3 photo printer, but that’s just my next planned photography related purchase. Seriously, if cost were no issue, I’d probably get myself a really, really good digital body – Hasselblad or similar, on the basis that I could get all the other gear for more affordable prices, and still have the fucking stonking body.
5) What do you want your epitath to be?
“We’re sorry he’s dead.” (As long as it were sincere. I figure that’s all one can ask for/do with life – leave people sorry you’re not in it any more. Everything else is just keeping score.

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