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1. If you had the option to have a camera to replace your eyes would you go for it?
Yes, with certain caveats.
a) Only one eye (my right, since that’s the one where my peculiar vision is weakest and I might as well get an upgrade). I want to be sure of what I’m taking, and the stereo input would confuse things/produce two slightly different photos, neither of which would have been quite the right view.
b) I’d want to keep a regular camera, too. The eyeball one would be great for snapping those little moments and the like, but a huge part joy of photography is in framing the moment, picking what to include in the shot and what not, within the constraints of camera and lens. Simply taking a snap of everything I can see isn’t something I want to do very often.
2. You can kick one public figure in the nuts with no consequences – who would you choose?
Oooh, the agony of choice. George W. Bush, I suspect, although there are so many other deserving candidates.
3. Who would win – Werewolves or Robots?
Werewolf robots.
4. If you could only ever read one book which would you choose?
After narrowing it down to a list of ten, and stabbing my finger down on the paper at random, it turns out that the answer is “45” by Bill Drummond.
5. What’s your favourite memory?
One of the ones I’m willing to cop to in public: 18 years old, 3am on a foggy november morning, jumping from the pot of coffee I’d just drunk, talking a walk, and just thinking and smoking a few cigarettes.


1 Where the hell have you been recently?
Here, there and everywhere. Footloose and fancy free. I keep meaning to come out clubbing again, and I keep becoming distracted by the lure of the sofa, the tv and the bottle of red wine. This is bad juju (as bad for my waistline which is becoming[1] as disturbingly middle class as the rest of me), and I shall be taking steps over the next month or two to rectify it. There are far too many people like your good self who I haven’t seen in a dog’s age, and this is Not On.
2 Have you ever had an erotic video game experience?
I first encountered Leisure Suit Larry when I was 13. It was pixelated and rubbish, but it was a strangely moving experience.
3 Do you like Millenium?
Never seen the movie. The few episodes of the TV series that I saw were OK.

[1] Yes, OK, “even more”. Shush.

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