Imperfect World [Cross-posted]

I don’t usualy cross post between electricana and here, but while I was wandering London this morning, wondering vaguely how the hell I was going to get home, and what art gallery to go and stick my nose in, I ran across a statue that I’d seen before, but never taken a lot of notice of. The message on its base seemed especially relevant, and sums up my response to this sort of thing, so I thought I’d let it stand as my comment, and post it here as well.

Imperfect World

In other news, and talking of the art gallery, today has had one amusing side-effect for me, at least. One of my photos is now on the wall of the Proud Galleries.

I popped into the Cental Gallery, near Trafalgar Square, to take a look at their “Made of Metal” exhibition. (And if you like your hair metal icons, you really should go along, it’s a great exhibition – I’d happily go again.) They’re sponsored by Sony Ericsson, who’re running a gimmick in a corner: you can bluetooth a phonecam photo to a photoprinter, and put it on the gallery wall.

So Lo-Fi Break is now on the wall there. It’s not quite my own exhibition, but it’ll do for starters.

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