Between the horror of the films yesterday (Sorority Boys: Just say “Aaah! No! Get it away from me no aaargh!” do not attempt to watch it, because it’s a big heap of shit. OK, the company while watching made it more entertaining, but it’s still an excruciating experience. It’s Two Ronnie’s humour, executed without any of the charm or Ronnie Barker’s talent.) and then Slimelight, I am now mostly asleep.

Slimelight was interesting. First time I’ve been there with my head on straight, and stayed to the end. Other people have reported horror stories from this sort of thing. Honestly, I didn’t notice a world of difference. I mean, given the choice, I’d prefer to avoid the sober experience, but it turns out that I’m quite capable of dancing like a spack for six hours while stone cold sober, it’s just that I start to fall asleep after that.

Frankly, the major difference is that I talked to less people, and since what I come out with while all fucked up in there is utter shite anyway, no-one lost out. Felt slightly guilty for not actually stopping to say a proper hello other than nods in passing to _whitenoise and scratchmeharder, failed to spot miss_soap to wish her a happy badgerday after failing to show at the picnic ealier, so apologies all round on that score.

I also experienced, to what I’m sure will everyone else’s amusement, the mild horror of having to fend off a drunken/otherwise ruined young man’s advances at a couple of points during the night (not the first time (although, I admit, it’s been some (OK, many) years) I’ve been hit on by a man, but the first time that a “Sorry, no, very flattered, but not interested.” hasn’t worked straight out). In the trememdously unlikely event that I’ve ever been as, erm, as graceless as that (it may give you a clue when I say “Aaah! The Tounge!”) to anyone, ever, I’d just like to apologise unreservedly.

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