So far this morning:

I have been evacuated from one tube station, walked half an hour back in the direction I came from (on the advice of tube staff) in order to get on another line, and then, just as I was on my way down on the escalator, it was stopped, and a load of armed police came belting down, and I’ve now been evacuated from that station, too.

Imperfect World [Cross-posted]

I don’t usualy cross post between electricana and here, but while I was wandering London this morning, wondering vaguely how the hell I was going to get home, and what art gallery to go and stick my nose in, I ran across a statue that I’d seen before, but never taken a lot of notice of. The message on its base seemed especially relevant, and sums up my response to this sort of thing, so I thought I’d let it stand as my comment, and post it here as well.

Imperfect World

Modern Communications

Signs of the times: everyone walking along staring at the mobile phones in frustration, as the phone networks lock up. Walking along, past empty public phone booths.

I’m currently trapped in the centre of town in a net cafe (nothing better to do, and I wanted to get some fucking news, because London Transport were telling me nothing) waiting for some form or transport to start back up again, so I can get either home or to the office.

Edit: God, I wish I’d brought my decent camera.