[Geek] [Work] Web hosting

We’re looking to move webhosting at work at the moment.

Our requirements:

1 Windows database server. I’ve got the spec for it around somewhere, but approximately: fucking huge overkill beastie.
2 Windows web servers. Modern, because our old ones are creaking a bit, so decent spec (ie. not just high end desktop), but no need for overkill – they’re only going to be webserving.
1 Linux box, for a LAMP setup. Again, decent spec, but no overkill required.

The four of them need to be parked on the end of a 10 meg pipe, for our exclusive use, and obviously, we don’t want to be paying any data transfer charges, but with that size of pipe, I’d be alarmed to find a serious hosting environment giving that a go.

Will consider managed hosting, co-lo, or anything, really.

So, can anyone recommend me hosting places that can cope? Anyone got any “avoid like the plague” horror stories? How much would you expect to pay for a set up like that?

Anyone know of a comparison shopping site for serious commercial hosting?

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