Ongoing Birthday Goings-On

So, having got Friday sorted, time for the rest of the weekend.

I’m going to be in The Phoenix on Cavendish Square from about 6 on Saturday night, prior to heading on to Slimelight. In the end, I’ve gone for somewhere that doesn’t do cocktails, although I seem to recall that it has a decent-ish spirits rack, because everywhere I looked at in town that did cocktails was either very pricey or very trendy, and often both, and to be honest, I think I’d rather just relax, and have some drinks, without worrying that I’ve dragged everyone out to somewhere that’s going to commit murder on their bank balances. (V types: yes, the same place where chrisisiddall had his birthday drinks.) Hope to see as many of you there as can make it.

On Sunday, I’ll be in The Big Chill Bar from around 3pm, just well, chilling. It does do cocktails, and very very good ones at that, so if you’re free pop down.

I’ll work out some kind of plan for Monday tomorrow.

Should anyone get lost or forget what’s going on, or something equally daft, my mobile number is available on request.

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