Flogging Molly

So tickets are now on sale for Flogging Molly at the Islington Academy on November the 19th, and yes, I have of course, booked one for myself.  Anyone else fancy joining me?  (The usual description I trot out is that they’re what you’d get if you crossed The Dropkick Murphys with The Pogues.  If you do, I recommend booking through ticketweb, rather than wayahead/seetickets as there’s a 4 quid price difference.)

I also note that Tom Waits may well be playing the UK in November, which fills me with a joy almost beyond measure.  In fact, it may only be equalled by the black depths of my murderous rampage should I fail to secure a ticket, whenever they go on sale.  Still, this means that if all goes to plan, then this year, I’ll have seen The Pixies, The Pogues, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, The Fall, Flogging Molly, Jason Webley and Menlo Park live.  That’s pretty damn close to “all my favourite musical acts”.  In one year.  Fingers crossed The Pogues and Waits, as the tickets aren’t on sale yet…

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