Ever had one of those evenings?

First of all: I’m informed I owe kenix an apology from last week.  Sorry, chap.  Had, obviously, no idea what I was doing.  Certainly wasn’t intentional.  Should it happen again, feel free to administer some kind of beating.  Although not too hard, as I’m a big girl’s blouse.

Secondly, I suspect that going out tonight was a mistake.  Certainly, the curry house was.  Apologies to everyone else for being much, much less than sparkling company all night – I can only plead exhaustion, and laterly, nausea.  I shall attempt a dazzling return to form by next weekend, if anything is going on.

In other news, and despite the fact that no-one but me cares, the new Flogging Molly album is lordly.  A little bit more mellow than the last one perhaps, but it’s really grown on me in the last couple of days.  I can see it getting every bit as much play round here as the previous two have, which is good.

Oh, and does anyone reading this fancy going to see the Pogues on the 21st of December?  I’m already going the previous night, but I’m trying to get an excuse to go the second night as well, so if there are a few folk interested, it’ll make it all the easier…

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