I’ve mislaid my Kodo CDs, which is annoying, because after seeing them on Friday, I really want to listen to them some more. There was a bit more flute/dance Kabuki type-stuff this time out, and I confess, it’s more the drumming that I go for, but still, massively impressive. I see there’s a DVD of this tour coming out later in the year, which will be very cool, because while the drums sound good, it’s the sheer physicality of the performance that’s most impressive – in particular, the second half closer as two mad bastards beat on a taiko drum that’s bigger than they are, using sticks like baseball bats.

Went out round town on Saturday, looking for a new bag. Failed to find one, although I did get a new shirt. The met up with Gordon and fire_sermon for dinner at Garlic and Shots which was a bloody good laugh.

Spent most of yesterday in bed, because I didn’t have anything pressing to do. So I finished Be My Enemy (which, truth be told, I was a little disappointed by, although the bit with the chef made me laugh like a drain, which I suspect means there’s something very, very wrong with me), and watched Plunkett and Macleane, which I’ve always liked a lot more than the film probably deserves, but hadn’t watched in a while. I suspect I’ve mislaid my copy of the soundtrack as well, which is annoying.

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