Meat Update

Tried Bison for lunch. Wasn’t really terribly impressed – it was nice, but I prefered the other interesting meats I’ve had at the gastropub, I think. The spinach was the nicest spinach I’ve ever had, faint praise though that is.

In a staggering move, I’ve actually had really good customer service from BT. Our ADSL has been moved to our new provider, and when I phoned BT to confirm that my old account with them had been closed, the man on the other of the line noticed that they’d take a payment for a month’s ADSL yesterday (I knew it’d happen and was OK with it – just an unfortunate coincidence of dates) and he didn’t think this was terrbily fair, given that I’d essentially paid for a month’s BT ADSL, only to use less than 24 hours of it before switching ISP, so it’s going to be refunded to me apparently. Result.

Gosh, my life’s exciting.

Edit: Del, here’s the link to Paul’s review we were talking about last night.

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