Horse’s Nosebag

So, I’ve joined the Scottish Malt Whisky Society. I’d be planning to wait until my birthday, but since it’ll take three to six weeks for my membership to come through, I figured I’d do it now, and claim the money back off my parents, who have offered to get me the membership for my birthday.

I was out at the society’s tasting rooms with work colleagues last night and very pleasant it was too. Tried (among others) the sweetest whisky I have ever enountered, from Glenrothes distillery. Seriously, the damn thing smelled more like treacle than whisky. Very nice. I’ll have to get a bottle before they sell out.

The rooms themselves are near Farringdon, where I can get a direct train from Tooting BR, which is ace for me. But the reason I’m boring you all rigid with this is that among the things I’m thinking of doing for my birthday is going for dinner either here (the pub beneath the rooms) or here (the separate restaurant that’s part of the pub but has a different (read: posher) menu), and I’m just looking for a show of hands in case anyone’s interested. I can only take a small number of people in, and will undoubtedly be going more than once this year, so I’m really only looking for people willing to do both, on this occaision.

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