Weak End.

It’s been a short week, but by christ, it needs to be over, right damn now. I got in the morning to dicover that I’d lost some files I was working on, thanks to the powercut. My own stupid fault – I thought I’d saved them before I left the office, but evidently, I hadn’t, so I’ve worked all morning just to get back to where I was when I left the office yesterday.

I’m completely shattered, too. Feel like rubbish. Late night on Wednesday, then a late-ish night last night, followed by a seriously disturbed night’s sleep – I don’t think I got a continuous hour’s kip through the night. My guts have been churning all morning. Don’t know why, as I didn’t really have all that much to drink last night, and I don’t have any other hangover symptoms.

In other news, I got a mobile that’ll take pictures. Yeah, yet another new toy. So, my website now has a photolog. As and when I’ve actually taken three photo’s, there’ll always be the latest three there. Otherwise, you’ll be able to find them at alasdairw.textamerica.com, if you really must look through anything older that a few days.

Now, if I was feeling madly cunning, I’d alter my blog-to-LJ script to automatically note it when there was a new photo on my photo log…

2 thoughts on “Weak End.

  1. I was going to ask ‘what code have you lashed together to make the mobile -> weblog link work right’, but then I looked a bit harder.

    All the Perl I’ve found thus far is uniformly arse and makes unwarranted assumptions about the machinery. And is insecure. And doesn’t take advantage of the MT API.


  2. Yeah – I completely failed to find anything that I’d be happy to drop onto my own server that wasn’t arse, so I settled for being able to grab the data through textamerica’s RSS. Keeps my bandwidth down, too.

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