So, like I said, I got a new phone the other day (if I should have your number, mail it – I lost all my old numbers when I lost my old phone). It’s got exciting new phone technologies like WAP built in. Actually, my old one had WAP, too, but it wasn’t something I ever bothered to learn about. But since this one is full-colour sexy, I thought I’d have a bit of a play, you know?

Of course, being me, this doesn’t mean that I’m just browsing WAP. It means I’m looking at setting up my very own WAP site. Tagtag.com will do me for now, until I get my arse sufficiently in gear to write and host my own WAP site, which may well be never.

So I was wondering what to do with it, so I started thinking about WAP. It’s a transitory medium – not just in that it’s bound to be replaced as phone tech improves, but in that it’s something to use in transit. Something to look at on the bus – accessing it isn’t tied to location. So, naturally, I wanted to do something about a geography, and being me, it’s going to be London. I thought I’d use it for feeder material on TAKE A WALK. Something between the note-taking and the final words.

If you point a WAP browser at http://tagtag.com/tawk (see how kind I am? Piece of piss to type in on a phone keypad) you’ll find “Innaugural” the first entry about London. It’s not all going to be history – there’ll be bits about things I see, places I go and modern London in general, but I thought I’d start at the beginning, as it were.

On a related note, I was looking at tagtag.com’s content directory. 4000 adult wap sites? How? Why? I mean, you can fit maybe 50 owrds on screen at a time, and I really don’t see porn looking good in black on grey-green. Jesus…

3 thoughts on “WAP

  1. Re: Tagtag

    Wap doesn’t exactly encourage response, though – there’s no easy way to mail someone via wap, after all. I figure I’ll use it for my own purposes, and see if anyone’s interested later, y’know?

  2. Re: Tagtag

    Oh, I know what you mean; it’s just that I’m not entirely convinced that anyone at all reads it, and if that’s the case, what’s the point of doing it?

    I’ll update it once a month, say, just to keep it alive, but probably only more often if there’s an actual reason to do it.

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