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So, I ran across this site today. It’s a Russian site that offers a paid-for MP3 download service. Apparently, record labels/copyright management agencies are much more willing to reach deals with with on-line music firms in Russia, and they’ve got an impressive catalogue of material there. Much like with emusic, I’m looking at them thinking “there has to be a catch”. The deal’s not as good as emusic’s but I’ve signed up for a gig’s worth of data, mostly because I wanted one track that I can’t get anywhere else, but I thought I’d just see if anyone knows anything about the legality of it before I go hunting for other stuff on the site, and hoover down a shitload of MP3s that aren’t as legal as I thought…

3 thoughts on “Shopping In Russia

  1. One thing I’m not sure about eMusic et al. is how the artists are rewarded for online sales. I’m happy to cut my own expense, and minimise the middle man, but I’d like to ensure that the artists are still being fairly rewarded for their efforts.

  2. Both of these sites seem to have struck deals with the appropriate authorities, so basically, the artists are getting as screwed over as they are from high-street sales, I assume. It’s not ideal, but in the absence of being able to buy direct from the artist, you’re going to have to deal with a label/someone who has cut a deal with the label, and trust that the label isn’t screwing the artist with too many razorblades.

  3. I suppose it depends what itch it is you’re trying to scratch with online purchasing. If all you care about is paying less money for your music, then the services offered are groovy, but I suspect that for people who want to reward artists rather than labels the best option is still to w4r3z the mp3s and send the artist in question a cheque (or use one of the website donation systems for bands). I’m certainly not going to trust record labels not to screw artists.

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