How d’you change the wording for comment tags? (So that instead of being called comments, they’re called blamanges, or something more sensible). I know it’s something in the styles section, but I’m fucked if I can make it work. Can anyone with munged comment names mail me (or leave a comment with) the code they use, so’s I can adapt it for my own nefarious purposes. Ta.

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  1. Nah, I know how lj-cut works. I mean the bit of the style code for your journal that governs the link text that reads (for example) “3 comments | Post a comment” at the bottom of a post.

  2. Go to Modify Journal…

    Find the bit near the bottom that says ‘overrides’ and type the following (or something approximating it):

    FRIENDS_TALK_LINKS=><div class="right">(%%readlink%%<a href="%%urlpost%%">say whatever you want</a&mt;)</div>
    FRIENDS_TALK_READLINK=><a href="%%urlread%%">%%messagecount%% stuff%%mc-plural-s%%</a> |

    Replacing ‘stuff’ with whatever you want it to say

  3. Re: Go to Modify Journal…

    One of the following should:

    FRIENDS_TALK_LINKS=><div class="right">(%%readlink%%<a href="%%urlpost%%">add stuff</a>)</div>

    FRIENDS_TALK_READLINK=><a href="%%urlread%%">%%messagecount%% stuff%%mc-plural-s%%</a> |

    LASTN_TALK_READLINK=><a href="%%urlread%%">%%messagecount%% stuff%%mc-plural-s%%</a> |

    LASTN_TALK_LINKS=><div class="right">(%%readlink%%<a href="%%urlpost%%">add stuff</a>)</div>

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