The Tedium Continues

It’s the bog end of the week, and I’ve got very little to do. Waiting for clients to get back to me on two different projects, and the prospect of a new project to start next week with, but nothing to do right now. So I’m sitting in my chair and watching the minutes tick by, and feeling small pains crackle up and down my back, shoulders and upper arms after the gym today. I’m slowly getting back to where I was, although my progress was has been somewhat slowed by the cold I had the other week. I never ceases to amaze me how short a break from the gym one can take, and still feel progress slipping away.

In other news: Not a whole lot going on. Work on the new look for 9A proceeds. CSS continues to frustrate and delight me in equal measure. Have randomly decided that I need to look into badgers. Specifically, their mythic attributes, because just gazing into a badger would be weird. Very little reason for this, other than that they’re mentioned in China Mieville’s “Perdido Street Station” and I remember how much I used to like them as a kid. Hell, how can you not like something that’s also be known as an “Earth Bear”?

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