I’ve solved the problem I was having at work (with help from dulux) and have now finished (barring handover to clients) all the work I have for the next week and a half. So I thought I’d do a survey, mostly because I almost never do, and I’m bored.

[Name] Alasdair
[Nicknames] None.
[Screen name] Alasdair
[Birthday] 25 March
[Age] 26
[Astrological sign?] Aries
[Chinese zodiac sign?] Snake.
[Location] London
[Sexual Preference] Women.
[Marital Status] Unmarried. Likely to remain unmarried.
[Religion] Animist.
[Current Hair color/length] Brown with hints of the last time it was dyed red still left. A bit past shoulder length.
[Eye color… W/ & W/O contacts] Blue.
[Height] 6’2″
[Weight] MYOB
[Shoe size] 10 1/2
[Parents still together?] Yes.
[ Siblings? ] 1, my younger brother.
[ Nieces/Nephews? ] None
[ Kids of your own? ] None
[ Grandkids? ] Yes, because it’s possible to have grandkids without having kids, isn’t it?
[ Pets?] None
[ In school/graduated? ] Dropped out of Uni twice.
[ Rent, lease, or own your home? ] I rent with friends.
[ What do you do for work? ] Web Developer.
[ How much do you make? ] MYOB
[ Have any credit cards? ] Yes.
[ What do you drive? ] My flatmates insane.


[ Colour] Silver.
[ Number ] 23
[ Animal ] Leopard Gecko.
[ Vehicle ] Anything that’ll get me where I’m going.
[ Flower ] I’m not much for flowers. I quite like Orchids, though.
[ Scent ] Vanilla, Cinnamon.
[ Shape ] DNA helix/caduceus.
[ Drinks ] Decent Coffee, or whiskey.
[ Soda ] Irn Bru.
[Book ] Sherlock Holmes.
[ Author ] Christopher Brookmyre
[ Band ] The Tansads
[ Song ] Today, it’s The Ramones “Not My Place (In The Nine To Five World).

Do you…
[ Colour your hair? ] Every 4-6 months, yeah.
[ Twirl your hair? ] No.
[ Have tattoos? ] One on upper right arm, another to come when I’ve lost a bit of weight, and have the cash – it’s a piece that’ll run down on side of my back, and will likely be pricey.
[ Piercings? ] No.
[ Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? ] Yes.
[ Cheat on tests/homework? ] What’d be the point of that?
[ Drink/Smoke? ] I’ve been known to drink whiskey, yes. I gave up smoking a bit over two years ago. I still miss it.
[ Like roller coasters? ] Yes.
[ Wish you could live somewhere else? ] So long as I could live here, too.
[ Want more piercings? ] Not really. Maybe an ear, one day, but not really bothered.
[ Like cleaning? ] What d’you think I am, some kind of mutant?
[ Write in cursive or print? ] Print. I had bad handwriting to start with, and years with a keyboard and a PDA just killed it dead.
[ Carry a donor card? ] No, but I really should.
[ Swear a lot? ] Yes. I was taught as a child that it makes a person sound like their vocabulary is limited, because they can’t think of another way to express frustation. I take the opposite view – swearing has a power and grace to it, when coupled with a decent vocabulary, and I’m not about to cut myself off from any words, if I feel the need to use them.
[ Own a web cam? ] No, although I have a decent digital camera.
[ Know how to drive? ] Yes.
[ Diet? ] No. I try to watch what I eat, although I’ve been bad at that, lately.
[ Own a cell phone? ] Yes.
[ Ever get off the damn computer? ] Sometimes.
[ Hablar Espanol? ] I can say “Por Favor” and “Que?” and that’s your fucking lot.

Have you ever…
[ Gotten a speeding ticket?] No.
[ DUI? ] Never.
[ Been in a wreck? ] Yes.
[ Been arrested? ] No.
[ Been in a fist fight? ] Not really.
[ Kicked someone in the nuts? ] Yes.
[ Stolen a car? ] No. Policeman’s son.
[ Stolen anything? ] Never.
[ Held a gun? ] Yes.
[ Smoked? ] Yes.
[ Pot? ] Yes. I got bored.
[ Crack? ] I’m not stupid.
[ Drink? ] Yes.
[ Been so drunk you couldn’t remember your name? ] Never quite that bad, although I’ve been close.
[ Considered a life of crime? ] Yes.
[ Considered being a hooker? ] No. I like having money, thank you.
[ Cheated on someone? ] No.
[ Been married? ] No.
[ Cried over a girl/boy? ] Yes.
[ Lied to someone? ] Yes.
[ Been in love? ] Yes.
[ Had sex outdoors? ] Yes.
[ Fallen for your best friend? ] No.
[ Made out with JUST a friend? ] Nope.
[ Been rejected? ] Yes, rather more forcefully that neccessary.
[ Been in lust? ] Yes.
[ Used someone? ] No.
[ Been used? ] No.
[ Been cheated on? ] Not that I know about.
[ Been kissed? ] Yes.
[ Experimented with homosexuality? ] Nope.
[ Tried to kill yourself? ] Nope.

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  1. OK, you asked for it…

    Well, no you didn’t ask for it, but what the hell…

    [Name] Lee
    [Nicknames] Budgie
    [Screen name] Budgie_uk
    [Birthday] 17th August
    [Age] 38
    [Astrological sign?] Lee
    [Chinese zodiac sign?] Dragon
    [Location] London
    [Sexual Preference] Women
    [Marital Status] Married
    [Religion] Jewish
    [Current Hair color/length] Short, brown, with scarily increasing areas of what I used to call grey and now have to admit are white.
    [Eye color… W/ & W/O contacts] Brown
    [Height] 6′ 0″
    [Weight] Around 12 and a half stone, 175 lbs
    [Shoe size] 10
    [Parents still together?] Yes
    [ Siblings? ] Michael, older brother (died 1998), Jeremy, younger brother
    [ Nieces/Nephews? ] Lots; including my wife’s siblings, seven
    [ Kids of your own? ] one son, aged seven
    [ Grandkids? ] None – give the boy a chance!
    [ Pets?] None, if you discount my younger brother
    [ In school/graduated? ] Failed final year of degree
    [ Rent, lease, or own your home? ] Own own home
    [ What do you do for work? ] Financial Controller of a cable and satellite tv channel, but Americans understand the job better if I say I’m a deputy-CFO
    [ How much do you make? ] What are you, my accountant?
    [ Have any credit cards? ] Yes.
    [ What do you drive? ] A Nissan Micra (mine) and a Toyota Carina (the wife’s)


    [ Colour] Black
    [ Number ] 0
    [ Animal ] No favourite
    [ Vehicle ] Jesen Interceptor. If for nothing else, I love the name of the damned thing.
    [ Flower ] No favourite
    [ Scent ] I’m nuts for anything that smells of citrus
    [ Shape ] Anything geometric
    [ Drinks ] Scotch. If it’s blended, then with a mixer. If malt, then on its own.
    [ Soda ] Coke… or pear juice.
    [ Book ] THE MAN by Irving Wallace. Simply the finest novel I’ve ever read.
    [ Author ] Jack Higgins
    [ Band ] The Tansads
    [ Song ] OK, here’s where I get soppy. “When You Tell Me That You Love Me” by Diana Ross – it’s the song that Laura and I opened the dancing with at our wedding.

    Do you…
    [ Colour your hair? ] Np
    [ Twirl your hair? ] No
    [ Have tattoos? ] No
    [ Piercings? ] No
    [ Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? ] Married
    [ Cheat on tests/homework? ] No
    [ Drink/Smoke? ] Whiskey and cigarettes… and wild, wild women, they’ll drive you crazy, they’ll drive you insane.
    [ Like roller coasters? ] No
    [ Wish you could live somewhere else? ] No
    [ Want more piercings? ] No
    [ Like cleaning? ] No
    [ Write in cursive or print? ] Print, mainly
    [ Carry a donor card? ] No
    [ Swear a lot? ] Probably more than I should do
    [ Own a web cam? ] Yes
    [ Know how to drive? ] Yes
    [ Diet? ] No
    [ Own a cell phone? ] Yes
    [ Ever get off the damn computer? ] Occasionally
    [ Hablar Espanol? ] No

    Have you ever…
    [ Gotten a speeding ticket?] Yes
    [ DUI? ] No
    [ Been in a wreck? ] Yes
    [ Been arrested? ] No
    [ Been in a fist fight? ] Not for more than a few years
    [ Kicked someone in the nuts? ] No
    [ Stolen a car? ] No
    [ Stolen anything? ] No
    [ Held a gun? ] Yes
    [ Smoked? ] Yes
    [ Pot? ] Yes
    [ Crack? ] No
    [ Drink? ] Oh yes
    [ Been so drunk you couldn’t remember your name? ] No, but on rare occasions, have seemed like I’m trying to get that drunk
    [ Considered a life of crime? ] No
    [ Considered being a hooker? ] No
    [ Cheated on someone? ] Two times a couple of times when I was single
    [ Been married? ] Yes
    [ Cried over a girl/boy? ] Yes
    [ Lied to someone? ] Yes
    [ Been in love? ] Yes
    [ Had sex outdoors? ] Yes
    [ Fallen for your best friend? ] No
    [ Made out with JUST a friend? ] Yes
    [ Been rejected? ] Oh yes
    [ Been in lust? ] Yes
    [ Used someone? ] Yes
    [ Been used? ] Yes
    [ Been cheated on? ] No comment
    [ Been kissed? ] Yes
    [ Experimented with homosexuality? ] No
    [ Tried to kill yourself? ] Once and then only semi-seriously. I was 15, ok?

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