Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long-Legged Beasties.

Yeah, I know that’s yesterday’s rhyme. But I was busy yesterday. (See 28 DAYS LATER, by the way.) Halloween over, and a holy night tonight. Stupid fucking night to hold a Halloween party on, really, but everywhere seems to be doing it. No good will come of it. Where’s the frisson of danger if all the saints are watching over you? Where’s the Halloween spirit?

But I digress. We’re in the wind-down, now. Last two months of the year. It’s stock-taking time again. Time to start examining the year. It generally takes me a month or so to do that, and then December is the planning for next year. This year was dalet (or daleth), the door. Next year is hei (or heh), the window, or the breath of the divine spirit. If memory serves, it’s part of the tetragrammaton, the name of God. And of course, the year maps nicely onto 23. I have a suspicion that next year is going to be a year to be careful and look closely – things won’t always be what they seem, but those things that are, may be very important indeed.

I’ve just re-read that. Anyone else see my shady past as a horrorscope writer showing there? There’s no reason that the kabbalah should be any more accurate than a horroscope at predicting the future, and indeed, nor do I believe it is, but it’s a method that allows me to map a year, get things filtered through another perspective, and generally keep my magician’s head in. Which is at least half of what this stock-taking and planning is all about.

So, it’s time to start the fight with the ghosts of 2002. Even though the year’s not over yet.

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