Across London.

I’ve got another month’s rent to pay on my current flat, and I’m done. Most of the moving will be done at the back end of next month, but I’m already moving my life back South. Tonight, I stopped off in Woodford to load a couple of bags up with stuff to bring it back. Not much, but hey, every little bit I can bring back now is less to pack later. My Woodford flat was cold, and damp, and smelled like it – I haven’t been in there in a little under a week to air or heat the place. All I have in the kitchen there is a bottle of HP, a bottle of Worcester sauce, some garlic pepper, half a jar of peanut butter and half a bottle of water. That’s been the case for the last two weeks.

Now I’m back with my folks, eating a hot muffin with peach jam, and drinking a mug of tea. There’s a scent of ginger and cinammon from the candle, and the room is warm. Yeah, OK, maybe it is a little sad, moving back in with your folks at my age (even if it is only a temporary measure). But I know where I’m happier, cheers.

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