Alan Moore, on Lost Girls:

Ah, Lost Girls. Can you imagine anyone else being able to get a wonderfully accomplished artist to spend thirteen years drawing pornographic material for them, customised to demand; being able to declare himself a pornographer and have everyone take it as some bold new intellectual position; or even claiming against tax for high class scud-books like The Art of the Marquis Von Bayros as “reference material”? No. You can’t. This is why I am a genius. “What are you doing in that bathroom, young man?” “Mother, I am doing highly paid reference work.”

One of the things that has made Lost Girls work is that we realised fairly early on that there probably wasn’t a sexual act, no matter how seemingly perverse or even grotesque it might sound from a brief description, that couldn’t be made beautiful with enough layered crayon effects.

The second issue of Eddie Campbell’s Egomania can be ordered now from Diamond Comics Distributors, Cold Cut and Top Shelf Productions.

I mention it here because most of its 48 page length is going to be an interview with Alan Moore. I am so there…

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