Piss And Moan.

I’ve got nothing better to do – my back and arms are killing me as a result of heavy lifting, and I’m halfway through packing to move in a week and a half, so most of my possesions are now in my parents garage (because there isn’t room in my current flat for the boxes of my stuff and my furniture) and all in all, this is just hassle I could do with out.

This had all better be worth it, is all I can say.

5 thoughts on “Piss And Moan.

  1. I can empathise with you so much right now. I’ve just bought a flat and am moving in about two weeks time so have started packing to move out of my parents place. I had no idea I had so much stuff…Especially books Thee are boxes *everywhere*. It’s horrible…

    On the upside, i’m hoping it’s going to be Gordon’s back and arms that will be killing him, and not mine :-)

  2. I filled four large boxes with books and CDs yesterday. Today, I am going out to buy more boxes. My life has started to revolved around acquiring more cardboard. I’m starting to repeat “Living on my own. This will all be worth it.” under my breath every time I look around the room.

  3. Well, yes. But I’ve paid money for the privellige of causing these aches and pains at the gym. I don’t need to get them for free as well!

  4. I have about 12 boxes filled with books at the moment, and best guess is i’ll need another 12…

    I have too many books.

    And i’ve not even started packing the videos. Compulsive taping and purchasing of creaky old cult tv shows is now looking like a bad idea.

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