Think I’ve twigged why I’ve been tense – lack of excercise. Hadn’t been to the gym in nearly a week, so combined with a poor diet (not nearly enough fruit and veg last week) I was out of kilter. But I’m back from the gym, drinking a banana smoothie, stretched out on a sunny bed with The Primitives’ “Crash” playing loud, and I feel so much better…

5 thoughts on “Aaah!

  1. You know, recently I have been making loads of strawberry smoothies/milkshakes from strawberries and cornish ice-cream. So good….

    Mark keeps asking me what’s in them, how to make them – I have to keep telling him “it’s just ice-cream and strawberries, Mark” – as you know, he doesn’t like to listen to anything but the sound of his own voice, which is why I have to keep repeating myself!

    Banana smoothies good also….

  2. They’re not really rocket science, are they?

    I made a nectarine, orange and blueberry smoothie as well last night – my flatmates had some fruit they needed using up, and we all wanted something cold and refreshing to drink – it turned out really nicely.

    Are you going to be at Mark’s this weekend?

  3. I think Mark just doesn’t know how to listen properly. Especially to women ;)

    blueberries…mmm, nice….

    Unfortunately if I make it to Mark’s this weekend it won’t be until very late on in the evening. My Mum’s play has it’s first night (It’s in Basingstoke – our dog is in it as well. What a family of posers…) I don’t think we (me & Ciara) will be getting back until late. If it’s not too late then we will grace eveyone with our prescence(sp?).

    Are you going?

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