But on the upside…

My flatmate Andrew now has a livejournal, which I urge you all to pay attention to, partly because it might make him say more things (or might frighten him off) and mostly because it’s bound to be funnier and more interesting than mine.

Depressing thought: once I move out, I will probably find out more about almost all my friends lives on-line than I do when I see them in person. The last few people in my life that I have more contact with face to face than digitally will no longer be resident in the same house.

And they’re about the only people I could put up with living with (or indeed could put with living with me), as well. I’m not planning to have flatmates ever again. Ah well. It’s the digital life for me…

8 thoughts on “But on the upside…

  1. Oh, I’m not planning to lose touch with anyone – I’m hoping not to suddenly become a recluse, but still, I already tend to hear about significant developments in my friends lives by e-mail, or on a forum, or via blog/LJ before I see them in person, and now I won’t even have a small number of people who I’m more likely to see and catch up with before I read their LJ. (Except for my offline friends, obviously, but still.)

  2. Speaking of keeping in touch – did you find out if you could make it on Saturday?

    Me and Ciz can almost certainly make it now.

    So that gives you one reason NOT to go….

  3. Not sure if Ryan will be there. He probably won’t bother unless I ring him up and blah blah blah. You should nag him to pick you up or something. Then he might be on time….

    And when are you updating your website? It’s been over a day, & I am insanely repetitve on the web, with only a few sites I visit regularly – and yours is one of them. Update, dammit!

  4. Happy now?

    I’m going to my parents before I head for Mark’s so I’m afraid you’ll just have to bully Ryan into movement on your own…

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