I have shit load of stuff I want to say here. Some of it, I just want to get set down in public. Things become more solid when they’re said out loud. If you don’t say it, then there’s no proof of it, and it’s easier to take back, in the silence of your own mind. That’s half the reason I keep this thing. It’s also the reason that it has no archive that you can read – I want to get things said in public, but I don’t want people to be able to torment me with them when I do change my mind.

But I digress: there’s lots of stuff I want to say, and a lot of it, I just don’t. Some of it, yeah, I know why I don’t. Other bits – the mood hits me, and I start to say them, and then something goes wrong – I get lost in work, my browser crashes, I just plain forget, lots of reasons. But something happens, the mood passes and I never go back to them.

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