I Loved That Phone

Today has been a day filled with wonder and light. I want more days like today.

Got a new mobile at the weekend. (If you need my new number and don’t have it, mail me.) I got a rather nice Samsung A-300, because it was shiny and space age, and the reviews I’d read called it a Nokia-beater. Sounds good to me. But the big thing about it was the IRDA support. Then I got home to find out that apparently the IRDA on some of the early version of this phone was, well, non-existant. And then I had to wait 2 days for the damn thing to be connected.

But once it was, it turns out that the IRDA works. It talks to my Handspring perfectly, and really fucking easily, too.

I can now get e-mail and browse the web from anywhere in the world. Or at least in the UK, which is fine by me.

For my next trick: posting to this thing from a riverside cafe.

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