Oh, fuck. Fuckety fuckety fuck. My eyemodule has packed up. I am this close to tears, right now. I know it’s sad and geeky of me, but my visor and all the associated kit I have for it is pretty much my most prized possession. To find that part of it is no longer useable is just rotten. This is made worse by the fact that I need the damn thing in order to do everything I want with Electricana.

What do I do now?


I Loved That Phone

Today has been a day filled with wonder and light. I want more days like today.

Got a new mobile at the weekend. (If you need my new number and don’t have it, mail me.) I got a rather nice Samsung A-300, because it was shiny and space age, and the reviews I’d read called it a Nokia-beater. Sounds good to me. But the big thing about it was the IRDA support. Then I got home to find out that apparently the IRDA on some of the early version of this phone was, well, non-existant. And then I had to wait 2 days for the damn thing to be connected.

But once it was, it turns out that the IRDA works. It talks to my Handspring perfectly, and really fucking easily, too.

I can now get e-mail and browse the web from anywhere in the world. Or at least in the UK, which is fine by me.

For my next trick: posting to this thing from a riverside cafe.


Y’know, much as I love my Psion, I look at a Handspring with Omni-sky wireless access, and I drool. But the odds of having the spare cash between now and next year are small indeed. Anyone want to give me 500 quid to spend on toys?

Rock V

Today is Thursday. Things that rock today:

My Psion. Even if I can’t currently plug it into my Mac, I can still make notes on it. Given my habit of going for a walk when I want to think something out, this is immensely useful. It also means I can get some work done on the tube. Huzzah for my Psion!


Shiny new toy! Unexpected windfall over the weekend, so I bought myself a Revo to celebrate. It’s a nice piece of kit, but doesn’t seem to have as much free software available for it as my Palm III. Sigh. If anyone knows of a site with any good freebies for the Revo, let me know, please.

Otherwise I’m stuck with the spectrum emulator.

Anyway, tonight’s project: Get on-line with the beastie, and see how looks.