Early Warning: Whisky Live

They’ve announced the dates for next year’s Whisky Live in London – 2nd and 3rd of March, and tickets are available now.

However, I’m not sure I’m going to go. They’re giving out less vouchers with a ticket – 5 instead of 15 (they are adding “free” food to the ticket, though), extra vouchers cost a huge amount more than they did last year, and they’re suggesting that a sample could cost as many as three vouchers for a 22+ year old whisky. So I’d probably get to try 2 or 3 whiskies before have to start paying more. Less than bar prices, but it could still get quite pricey…

I don’t know. If I do decide to go, is there anyone else who would definitely be interested?

Better Living Through Chemistry

I spent Saturday at Whisky Live. Which means I got to try a lot of excellent booze. And I got to thinking.

I used to write quite a lot about comics. And then I realised that really, I didn’t give that much of toss any more. I still read ’em, I still enjoyed ’em, but they weren’t not the objects of passion they once were. So, I stoppped writing about them. I might start again, if I get really excited about them again.

But whisky, on the other hand, still is something I love. So, let’s talk about whisky, then. In previous years, my whisky live write up has more or less consisted of a list of what I tried, and what I thought of it. This year, though, I thought I’d do something more than that. I thought I’d attempt a few essays about the drink itself. I’ll get to what I like in due course. But I thought I’d use the first of them to make sure we’re all on the same page, and talk about the basics of making the stuff. Later on, I’ll talk in more depth about the taste, and about what I like. For now, let’s just make sure we all understand how it gets into the glass, and just what it is we’re drinking.

Whisky Making For Beginners


I was at the whisky society with burge tonight. She drank this whisky. It was fucking fantastic, and I wanted some. I especially wanted some for myself, because I think it would have gone fucking brilliantly with a good cigar.

They’re sold out.

I’m going to crawl into a corner and cry, now.

(Anyone fancy drinking a few good whiskies in the next week or two?)