You Know I Could Stay Here All Night

Friday. End of a week off (which is why I haven’t been about/replying to email much). Spent it doing the spring cleaning I’ve been putting off for a month or so now.

Spring cleaning was soundtracked by Billy Bragg, The Dropkicks and the Levellers, so naturally, what I feel I should be doing now is smashing the state in some way. I may compensate by reading another chapter or two of Demand The Impossible, a book on the history of anarchism that I never got around to finishing, largely because it had migrated to somewhere under the bed.

Speaking of books – I seem to have acquired a copy of “The Watcher’s Guide” volume 2 of a series of Buffy annotations books, the sort of thing that I’d never have willingly paid cash for, and I don’t recall ever reading it. Can anyone explain why I have it? Did I borrow it off someone (and can you remember why)? Did someone leave it at behind at our place, and has it just migrated in here? Have I been anywhere that they would have been giving them away? And, assuming that no-one sticks their hand up here in the next fortnight to claim it as theirs, would anyone like it? It’s just taking up shelf space, and I don’t have enough of it to waste.

(In a similar vein: anyone want copies of Cerulean Sins or Incubus Dreams, the Laurel K Hamilton books? I bought them in a fit of desperation for anything to read at an airport, and read them both, and now never need to do so again, ever, please don’t make me, so could so with the shelf space back. If they’re not taken in a fortnight, they’re going in the recycling.)

Fun weekend coming up – Saturday afternoon: board games in a pub. Saturday evening I: Flogging Molly gig. Saturday evening II: clubbing – last weekend was written off to that cold, one the basis I’d rather have written the night off than most of the week.

Sunday will probably be recovery, and not much else. Catching up on my reading after spending most of the last six months in a state of having run out of new stuff to read, I now have a respectable pile to read, and really ought to get on with it.

Monday, it’s back to work, where the insanity will almost certainly have begun – I had to cancel a day of my holiday, and go in to work on Wednsday, for what turned out to be a six-hour meeting in Luton. I can recommend against both of those things.

Right, time to tidy this desk. The rest of the place is tidy, so having a desk like a bombsite rather spoils the effect. Also, I’ve lost my My Bloody Valentine tickets, so they’d better be on here somewhere. Plus, there may be paperwork that needs sorting out on here.

Possible Upcoming Gigs: have had this lovely upcoming gigs feature for a couple of months now. They use the data you give them to suggest gigs you might enjoy in your area.

Looking at December, I’m tempted by the following:

The Tiger Lillies 2nd/3rd The Old Truman Brewery
Levellers – 10th, Shepherd’s Bush Empire
The Pipettes – 23rd, The Roundhouse

(I’m tempted by more than that, but those are the ones I might actually spend money on…)

Is anyone planning on going to any of the above?

Early Warning: Whisky Live

They’ve announced the dates for next year’s Whisky Live in London – 2nd and 3rd of March, and tickets are available now.

However, I’m not sure I’m going to go. They’re giving out less vouchers with a ticket – 5 instead of 15 (they are adding “free” food to the ticket, though), extra vouchers cost a huge amount more than they did last year, and they’re suggesting that a sample could cost as many as three vouchers for a 22+ year old whisky. So I’d probably get to try 2 or 3 whiskies before have to start paying more. Less than bar prices, but it could still get quite pricey…

I don’t know. If I do decide to go, is there anyone else who would definitely be interested?

Fruit/Music Interface.

Innocent drinks, known mostly around these parts for the endless phonecalls my former colleagues and I used to get for “Hannah from Innnocent Smoothies”, while I was working at Sanctuary, are throwing the same free music festival that they have for the last couple of years again this year. (Thus, perhaps justifying the music-related telephonic confusion.) You’d have been forgiven for not noticing the last couple of years, since there was no-one that thrilling on the line-up.

This year, the Saturday (5th August) sees the Puppini Sisters, Nouvelle Vague, Norman Jay and Arrested Development all on the same stage (plus the promising-sounding Whisky Cats). For free. And Carluccios are doing some tasty-sounding (but sadly not free) hampers to be picked up on the day, if you order in advance. It’s in Regent’s Park.

Anyone else think that this sounds like a civilised way to spend a Saturday afternoon? (More details on the fruitstock website. And yes, that name is fucking awful.)

Three Things (free Depeche Mode ticket)

Firstly: Free Depeche Mode/Goldfrapp ticket

I have a ticket for the O2 Wireless Festival on Sunday, that, even if I have the time to use it, suspect I won’t have the energy. It’s free to anyone willing to come collect it from wherever I am over the weekend. (Tooting/Battersea Park/Angel being the likely options.) First come, first served.

Secondly: Art: Strandbeest

Strandbeest are in London, in the Traf Square area. Depending on time, I may try and go see them this weekend, with camera in hand.

Thirdly: Upcoming gigs:

So I don’t forget:

Gogol Bordello, 6th July, KOKO
Alabama 3, 13th July, KOKO
Flogging Molly, 25 July, Mean Fiddler

Fourthly: I would like to sleep now.

Verdict: Rock!

Guitar Hero for the PS2 is one of the most awesome things ever. If slightly hand-crippling.

So, the important question is: who do I know (in London) that also owns a copy? Because until there is a head to head rock contest in my living room, I shall remain sadly unfulfilled.