Delays on the line

OK, it’s been a few days, which I feel kinda guilty about, especially since I signed up to gblogs the other day, and put next to fuck all content up in the few days immediately following. Still, I’ve got a decent excuse, I guess – I’ve just moved house and started a new job. The flat is ace, and really conveniently located, and I’ve moved in with two good mates, which may or may not be a recipie for disaster. I’ve not yet had time to get narked with the job, so I’m even enjoying that.

Linkdump – proto edition

I’m going to re-design this entire site, at some point soon. One of the things I want to add is a related links section on each page, so that I can get permalinks to stuff. For example, this page ought to have links to my favourite blogs, really.

Until I get around to that, some quick mentions:

Tom Coates, another Invisibles fan, has managed to take some deeply improbable colours and make a thing of beauty with them, over at Barbelith. His content is pretty top notch, too.

Lyssa Hamilton-Percival is a self proclaimed bitch. There’s usually something of interest linked on her blog somewhere.

Does the fact that I read and enjoy Charlotte’s Breast Chronicles make a chauvinist pig? Also, she has a ace domain name.

I came to Kitschbitch through Tom’s site, and rather enjoy it.

Finally, The Memepool. Always something mad and strange.

Pottery Barn

Those of you who’ve read my comments on consumer culture may be interested to know that I wasn’t entirely mad, or so it would seem. Apparently, Pottery Barn paid for the right to have an episode of Friends built around Pottery Barn, and have the six inspid little bastards spend it surrounded by Pottery Barn gear. Info from Adbusters. Fear and nausea entirely my own.