It was Andrew’s birthday on Friday. Not exactly a party-hard night, but a perfectly pleasant one. Spent Saturday resurrecting my Palm III, after discovering that it had forgotten everything it ever knew. I worry about my level of geekdom that I carry 2 personal organisers – one for writing on, and the other for actually being organised. Still, I can justify this: there’s neater and more useful organisational software available for the palm, and it’s much better for dumping info onto to browse while travelling, while the Psion has better functions for converting to Word, and is easier to work on for long periods, as it has a keyboard.

See how I clutch at straws.

Several people I know have recently acquired new organisers, mostly Palm-based Handspring Visors. They’re not as ubiquitous as mobile phones yet, but they’re getting there, slowly. I just have this horrible fear that they’ll wind up with the same stigmata as the fil-o-fax did in the 80’s, as one of the signs of the yuppie, or their 00’s equivalent. Whatever that is. Tech professionals, maybe? God, I hope that’s not true. The thought of being some bastard inheritor to the yuppie disgusts and revolts me.

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