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Morning, folks. Today, I am telling you what to read, because in the space of five minutes on the WEF, I have discovered that several fine pieces of writing that are hard to get hold of in the shops are currently available for free, on-line. So, first off, Steven Shaviro’s excellent Doom Patrols a “theoretical fiction about postmodernism”. Available here, along with some of his other works.

Secondly, read Bare Faced Messiah, because liars, fraudsters and scum need to be exposed.

Lastly, Richard Kadrey’s Metrophage, one of the finest cyberpunk novels of it’s time, now out of print, but available on the web, here.

Please note: in every case listed, the works are available for free, with the permission of the author. I wouldn’t be recommending them if they weren’t availble with the author’s blessing.

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