Road Test

Attention conservation notice: total wittering follows.

I am such a muppet. I bought a shiny new keyboard for my iPad, and then bought not one, but two back-cover cases for it. The first wouldn’t allow me to unclip the keyboard. The second wouldn’t allow me to clip it in. And then I realised that I’ve actually owned the perfect slipcover case for my iPad+keyboard all along, something I bought for my original iPad with room enough for the new device plus keyboard inside. I am, in the parlance, a numpty.

In other personal technology news, after having had it installed but unused on my iPad since the day it launched, I finally got around to configuring Flipboard for the iPad. It is an extraordinarily gratifying way to catch up on the world, and I am only ashamed that it’s taken me literally years to get around to it. If you own an iPad, and aren’t using it, you’re missing out.

Busy (and nerdy) weekend coming up. Dinner+drinks with friends tonight, Gamecamp tomorrow. Another one where I haven’t got a talk ready. I vaguely wonder about busking it, but honestly, my ideas are sort of half baked – they’d suit a conversation, but I’m not sure about a talk. Particularly since the sort of LARP I run is different in scope and scale to many others, and it’s really theories of LARP that I want to talk about.

Sunday I’ve to a LARP to run. It should be awesome. I am actually really excited about the next few sessions of this particular game – I feel like it’s really hitting it’s stride, and is providing exactly the sort of game I hoped it would (this is not blowing my own trumpet, BTW – that it is successful is largely down to the players, who have stepped up to what was have been quite a challenge with absolutely superb style). I actually expect the challenge with this game to be knowing when to stop – previous LARPs I’ve run have been concieved with pre-determined lengths, and this one is no exception, but honestly, the way I feel about it right now, I could keep running to forever.

As you’ve probably guessed, the major reason for this post is just to test this new keyboard out, and I’ve got to say that while it’s not as good as a full-size one, it is in fact, pretty bastard good. Most of the reviews I’ve see moaned about the size of the backspace key, but that’s not what’s bugging me. It’s the tiny tiny size of the apostrophe key (and the other punctuation marks). But it’ll do for out and about quite nicely.

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