Free Comics!

Or: The Great Comics Clearout, volume 1

So I’m on a quest to get rid of comics. And I’m starting with a bunch of comics that I haven’t read in a couple of years. Some of them, I own other versions of, and I just getting rid of the spare are it were. Some of them I’ve read, enjoyed, and then felt no burning urge to re-read, so it’s time they moved on to somewhere they’;ll be properly appreciated. Some of them just weren’t my cup of tea. And some of them, I have no idea where they even came from, which is a little worrying. But I can vouch for 90% of them (the ones I know where they came from and what they are, that is) being remarkably good. They would be a boon to any library that does not already contain them, I promise you.

Anyway: if you would like to own any of these comics, can now do so, free of charge, gratis, and for nothing. All you have to do is let me know you want them, and then come and collect them from Tooting, South London. What you do with them after that is entirely up to you. I regret that I will not be posting them anyway, as that take us into the realms of tedious faffing about with getting money to me, and then me remembering to go down the post office, which is all far too much like work.

The Extraordinary works of Alan Moore

The Waiting Place volume 1

The Waiting Place volume 2 parts 1+2

Quicken Forbidden vol 1

Charm School

The Bogie Man

Sanctuary vols 1-3

Age of Bronze: A Thousand Ships

Age of Bronze: Sacrifice


Bone vols 2+3 (B&W)

Kane – Greetings from New York

Batman No Man’s Land vol 2

Books of Magic: The Burning Girl

Batman: Gotham Adventures

The Making of Astronauts in Trouble

A1 Book 2

Hellboy: Odder Jobs

Two Fisted Science

Finder: Talisman

Finder: Dream Sequence

Scarlett Traces


The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings

Uzumaki vols 1-3

Tommysaurus Rex

Creatures of the Night


Rosemary’s Backpack

Please feel free to a) ask questions, and b) circulate this link to anyone who might be interested. Any books not claimed by the end of May will go to the charity shop. Judges decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. Void where prohibited.

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