Links for Monday January 17th 2011

  • DeDRM AppleScript for Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 « Apprentice Alf’s Blog
    I would not, of course, ever think of doing such a thing myself, in order to read my legitimately purchased ebooks on whatever device I wished.
  • Stupid legal threat of the young century – Boing Boing
    I'm sure loads of people will have done something like this, and you're bound to have seen the link, but essentially, lawyers for a website called Academic Advantage are sending websites that contain the words "academic" "advantage" and "scam" cease and desist letters claiming "There is absolutely no helpful reason for the website to have the words 'Academic,' 'Advantage' and 'Scam'". I disagree. There's a very helpful purpose – letting people know when the lawyers they retain engage in legal bullying that is completely groundless, and bring their client's name into disrepute.
  • Top Ten Typefaces Used by Book Design Winners | The FontFeed
    Just in case I ever need to to design an award winning book. Or something. Oh, just go look at the lovely fonts, will you?

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