Links for Friday January 14th 2011

  • Confused by Constellations? Find out about your new star sign!
    You may have seen reports on the internet about some sort of change to star signs caused by some kind of science, and you may be wondering what this means for your horoscope. Because I am a basically helpful person, I have put together this site, to help people who are confused by the whole thing. Please spread this link far and wide, as I would hate for people to be confused by astrology.

2 thoughts on “Links for Friday January 14th 2011

  1. Question. Assuming it was written by you. The fact that you used to write them and the fact that you made them up don’t constitute two valid axioms. Thus your argument is inductive, and thus you might just be crap at astrology. Or ignorant to the practice of true astrology.

    Just a thought.

  2. I’m aware that the logic isn’t perfect – I was aiming for humour, not fautless logic.

    Nonetheless, I stand by my assertion. I will happily recant, just as soon as someone shows me a double blind study that proves astrology works, with the methodology published in a reputable journal for peer review.

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