I feel bad saying this, because I know a lot of my friends have had a bad year, and can’t wait for 2010 to be over, but in all honesty, I’ve had a great year. Absolutely superb.

So, rather than look back and look smug, I shall do what I prefer to do at this time of year, and look forward (and smug).

So, coming up in 2011:

Creative projects a-go-go. Really want to get back on the writing horse this year. Have plan. Plan will go off the rails within a week, but the plan includes this eventuality. Also need to bring 365Bullets to a (semi-)successful conclusion, and probably invent a new photo project.

Health and fitness extravaganza. Back to gym, specific plan in hand. Yes, yes, we all make the resolution. I kinda need to keep it this year. I did very badly at it in 2010, and if I don’t pull my finger out, I’ll never be ready in time for the Olympics.


Social-Life-a-palooza. Erm. I am aware that I have seen much less of a number of very dear friends in 2010 than I did in previous years. I wish to do something about this. Exactly what, I am unsure, especially given that the top two items there are going to eat spare time at a rate, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

So, thank you and farewell to 2010, and here’s hoping we all have an awesome 2011.

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