Links for Wednesday December 29th 2010

  • The Blast Shack
    Catching up on some of links I turned up over the break. This one pre-dates it by a few days, but I only had the time to read it once work stopped, so here it is – Bruce Sterling on Assange and wikileaks. Absolutely required reading on the subject.
  • Hacker Culture: A Response to Bruce Sterling on WikiLeaks | Atlantic Mobile
    And here's the best of the responses I've seen to Sterling. Contains talk of the forthcoming OpenLeaks projects, which I strongly encourage you to learn more about, as I think it points to where the movement toward a more transparent society might usefully go (there are links withing this article, if you are interested).
  • Facebook vs Twitter: By The Numbers [Infographic]
    Interesting breakdown of some numbers around the two. Facebook is more popular, and more frequebtky used, but Twitter's users are more engaged with the entities they follow. Which is about where my intuition was, but it's nice to see numbers.
  • Royal Pingdom » The most reliable (and unreliable) blogging services on the Web
    Another one with no big surprises, but nice to see numbers. Tumblr's very clearly in the midst of it's difficult second album, but I still reckon it's currently the best blogging service on the market, and once the growing pains are over, I look forward to seeing where it goes.
  • The Perfect Vodka Martini
    I'm not sure the gents at Dukes (my favourite place for Martinis) would agree with everything here, but this is a man who’s clearly put time and effort into producing his version of perfection, and I can respect that. Will have to give his recipe a try myself.

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