Links For Thursday 13th May 2010

  • I'd always thought Gen X stopped in about 1975, but apparently I'm a gen Xer. But this survey isn't about me, so much as it's about a lot of the people I know. It's, er, interesting. I'd like to see similar stats for the UK….
  • Well, here's an interesting test case for out new government, and for caring sharing Dave and his compassionate conservatism. But more importantly, do like the article says, and start writing, if you'd prefer that Britain not deport people who will be tortured or killing for the crime of being a lesbian.
  • I'm not sure I've got all this locked down, even on my ultra-locked-down work-only account. And I am by any reasonable lights, an expert web user. How is the casual user supposed to get it right?
  • This, by the way, it why I get so het up over privacy. This page contains a link to some talk about how facebook until the other day, made it possible to trace your location. I didn't blog the link, because Facebook fixed the hole before I could, but the fact it existed at all relates to a wider point about their privacy culture – they either do not think, or do not care, about how it will affect vulnerable people for whom privacy is a very important concern. And it's all very well for them to say "if you don't want it public, don't put it on facebook", but why should the vulnerable, for whom it might make the most difference, have less rights to share with their friends? Why should excluding the vulnerable from Facebook be acceptable?