So, new government.

As a staunch non-Tory, am I wailing and rending my garments?

Well, no. Odds are tomorrow will be pretty much like yesterday, and will remain so. I’m not wild about the £6bn in cuts, but whoever won would have had to do similar, so I’m not going to instantly decry them. I am very worried that they’ll hit the most vulnerable first, but will at least wait until there’s a final budget before I press the “eject toys” button on this pram here. It’s just possible that the Lib Dems will reign in some of the Tories most egregious “fuck the oiks” tendencies.

Not wild about the immigration policy, and the couples tax break is a big bag of wank, and I’m more than a bit concerned about some of the language as regards unemployment, but other than that, I’m more or less OK with it. I’ll put up with a fair amount for a shot at some constitutional reform, and for the civil liberties provisions they’re talking about in the “Great Repeal Bill”, which I’m pretty much 100% behind.