Links For Wednesday 23rd September 2009

  • I have been saying this for years. They're bad tempered (even by the standards of bears), given any sort of choice, they will choose eat food that is nassively bad for them, and they don't like shagging. And while I know I fit two of those three criteria myself, the difference between me and them is that I'm not draining the resources of charities that could be better used for other, more useful species.
  • Some musing on the fate of those who may not get caught up in the u(r)bicomp culture shift of the coming decades.
    (tags: rural ubicomp)
  • Fucked off by postal strikes? (I know I am – my twice-weekly delivery from Graze hasn't had any delicious fresh fruit in for weeks, and often turns up on completely the wrong day of late.) Go and read this, and learn a bit about what's actually going on with your post. Maybe you'll have a bit more sympathy for the poor bastards who have to deliver it. I know I do.
  • Jesus cocking christ. A) I am glad I do not live anywhere near Sydney right now. B) These are some fucking stunning photos – it's like looking at life in some future martian city.