Links For Monday 20th July 2009

  • The best cocktail guide in the world is now available in searchable on-line form. Result!
  • "Memory, being a phenomenon of emotion and magic, accommodates only those facts that suit it…"
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  • And this, right here, is why I will not buy a kindle, or purchase ebooks in a DRMed format. I would be incandescent if something like that happened to music I own, but the thought of it happening to a *book* I owned would give me an aneurysm. I mean, it's a *book*.
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  • I await this with some interest. The words "dynamic superhero" to describe Holmes aren't totally out of keeping with the character, assuming it's handled right, and I loved Moffat's Jekyll, and well, it's Sherlock fucking Holmes.
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  • Daniel Merlin Goodbrey was my collaborator on Rust, the Eagle award nominated webcomic I wrote some time around 2000. Rust was never finished, and he has since gone on to much bigger and better things, which is fitting, because he possesses far more talent and discipline than I do. He remains one of the only people I know with an genuine interest in webcomics as *web* comics, works that truly use the full toolset afforded by the possibilities of the web, instead of just treating the web as the distribution medium for a print comic – his webcomics are genuine hyperfictions that could not exist offline. He has produced a new webcomic here, and it is as good as ever. Go. Look. Learn.
  • I know some people who are ambivalent about the space program. This concerns me slightly, as they give the outward signs of being normal human beings, and then they indicate that their brains are a bit strange by holding views like that. Well, here is a link explaining why basically, without the space program, we'd be living in a very different world.