Michael Jackson: A quick poll

I have no particular axe to grind here, I’m just curious about something. According to my LJ profile page, there are 284 people who read my journal. Allowing for people who won’t see this because they have filtered me away for doing nothing but posting links, dead journals, people who have lives and don’t compulsively read LJ and people who just can’t be arsed filling in a one question poll, I figure this give me a potential respondent pool of up to three people, which is enough to at least satisfy my curiosity.

See, I know a lot of people who will chin strokingly talk about Jackson’s impact on pop music and how “he may have been a bit of a freak but those first two albums…” (I include myself in this number), and my friends list today is full of tasteless jokes, grief stricken comment, and other responses to his death but I don’t know how many of those commenting actually own any of his albums, and as I say I’m curious:

NB: if you own more than one copy of an album for some reason, please only count that album once.

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