It Is New Emusic Day

Which is always a happy occasion. Because I am a smug bastard, on a very old price plan that I have stubbornly refused to change because they don’t offer anything like it at the moment, I get 65 tracks a month for a tenner.

But still: I like to use Emusic for getting exciting new music. Because I’m paying anyway, I figure I might as well use it to get new stuff.

So, if you’re of a mind, recommend me stuff I won’t have heard of. I’m not genre picky, so go for anything. (If you’ve got the time and inclination to check it’s available on there, that would be ace.) But please: take the time to tell me why the artists in question are ace, and pick out some tracks you particularly think I should check out – if I get enough interesting recommendation, I may just grab a few tracks per artists this month, and then grab albums in future months…

Go! Tell me of your modern music!

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