links for 2009-06-12

  • I saw this linked, and assumed it was an Onion headline, but it's not. This is a real thing. Fucking hell. I don't know whether to be impressed or saddened.
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  • People occasionally ask me why I'm quite militant about only every using my real name on-line, owning several domain names of my name, and generally doing my best to get my name, or a basic variant on it as a username whenever possible, and it's this: I do not want Facebook, or any similar service to be the primary marker of my identity when people look me up on line. I wish to have control over my on-line identity and how people encounter it, not give it up to a third party, and the best way to do that is to be open and clear about who I am everywhere. So I have slightly mixed feelings about this facebook URLs business – on the one hand, I'm going to have to try and get my name on there, but on the other, I'd really rather not improve the chances of my profile there beating out something that I actually control as the marker of my digital identity.
  • One of London's very finest unsigned bands have just released this first mini album full of absolutely superb tribal pop that is a perfect soundtrack to summer. It'll cost you all of a fiver, and at that price, you cannot afford not to own it.
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  • Exactly was it says on the tin. Except better than you're thinking it is. Seriously, it's ace, go look.