Photo Project: At The Bus Stop

This is hardly the most original photo project in the world, but it’s something I think would be fun to do, and I want something a bit structured to force me to undertake a bit more photography this year, and realistically a 365 days type project is just setting myself up for a fail.

So, I live in this flat, see. And right outside my door, there is a bus stop.

So, I have these friends, see. And many of them like to dress up in interesting clothes and makeup. Fetishwear, LARP, cosplay, furries, goth gear, punk rock mohawks and ripped clothes, or even just really sharp suits. Not the sort of thing that one sees every day at a bus stop, anyway.

So the plan is: people turn up to my place at some mutually convenient time, with their chosen outfit and any required makeup, and I take two very similar pictures of them at the bus stop. One without makeup and in ordinary clothes – jeans and t-shirt, or whatever you’ve got as everyday wear that is distinct from the other look, and one all done up in their finery.

I am, of course likely to take rather more than two photos, as I attempt to get a shot I like.

Participants would receive my grateful thanks, tea/coffee/soft drinks and biscuits, and a full rez electronic copy of the published photos in whatever format they would like.

So, would anyone be interested in this?

ETA: The bus stop is quite a busy and public one, which is part of the appeal, that there is context for people to stand out of.

I will attempt to minimise the amount of time outdoors in more unusual attire for anyone who is uncomfortable with the idea of being in public in their finery, and to schedule times when there are likely to be less people about – evenings and suchlike. Plus, you will be accompanied by bloke-with-serious-looking-camera, which in my experience will provide context that will make anyone that might see you in your outfit suddenly become terrible blase about the whole thing.

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