Links For Tuesday 6th January 2009

  • Quick and dirty tool to grab an LJ archive on any system that has python available, which includes OS X.
  • SUP have knocked the american tech staff on the head. I don't believe they're going to fuck off tomorrow, or anything, but any way you slice it, this is bad news, and I'm going to have to find a good LJ archiving tool for OS X just so I do have a decent archive somewhere that isn't on LJ, but I should have done that anyway. Still, most of the public content over the least few years is already in databases on my own servers, anyway, but I'd like to get the private/friends locked stuff saved, too. I may also flip back to blogging on my own domain, and just mirroring the content into LJ, just in case.
  • I may want to take this apart and rebuild it for other services since my tumblr account is used for my not-a-photoblog-honest. Or since the blog is called Dead Air, I might just pipe it in regardless, as it does kind of fit with the theme.
  • I blog this mostly because I want to use the phrase "spime child", which is agreeably SF sounding. And because, well, it's an interesting application of the technology.
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